Agner Riis
Vital statistics
Position  School student in Norway
Age  17
Status  Living
Nationality Norwegian
Residence Oslo, Norway
Personality Patriotic, fussy, short-tempered
Voice actor Unknown
Theme tune PowerBoat Racing - Norway (Icy)
Physical attributes
Height  174 cm
Weight  63 kg

Agner Riis (born March 18th 2000) is a Norwegian patriot who is well known for his anger issues - he throws a fit whenever somebody insults him or any aspect of his home country, such as when Harry Smith referred to him as a "filthy fish-eater". He can speak Norwegian and English, and can write in both Bokmål and Nynorsk, although his English skills are unusually rather weak; he is now working hard to improve them. He is also training to become a professional skier.

When something doesn't go his way, he complains that it would never happen in Norway. He was expelled from Colham High School for persistently doing this, and he moved back to Norway afterwards. Three of his also-patriotic cousins (Swedish Max Cederblom, Danish Leo Jespersen and Faroese Bjørgheðin Sigurdarson) made similar comments regarding their home countries and were also expelled, moving back to their respective countries of origin. Agner's other cousins who still live in Pedia are Morten Larsen from Norway, Edvard Andersson and Jonas Andersson from Sweden, Bjørn Henriksen from Denmark and Svörfuður Hilmarsson from Iceland. For a year after moving back to Norway, he did not keep in touch with his cousins who still live in Pedia, much to Morten's dismay. He did, however, return to Volcanus attend Morten's birthday party along with all his other cousins, and now visits them occasionally.

When he attended Colham High School, he was considered average in terms of attractiveness and was ranked at number 9 in the original Girls Popularity Scale. He was known to be jealous of Max's position at number 4 in the scale, and he still feels the same over his attractiveness currently.


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  • Agner and Stella Naganuma were both born on March 18th, although not in the same year.