Vital statistics
Location County Alcatel, Pedia
Population 45,492
Theme tune Spica Adventure - Sunny Day Sunday

Alcatel is an autonomous town in Pedia. It is seen as the opposite of the depressing town Doonatel, which is also autonomous.

Positioned on the peak of a wetlands, the town of Alcatel is lead by Pippa Brown. The town was not built by a wetlands by accident, as it has spiritual significance, which is of great importance to the people of Alcatel and its success. It was originally a village, though it was expanded into a town in 1938 as part of a scheme to rehouse people.

The town itself is considered by many to be delightful. In the old part of the town (known as "The Village"), there are mahogany wood rooftops, golden brick walls and a mirror lake; many have described the atmosphere as "mythical". The main attraction is Alcatel Cathedral, which was built in 1954.

Alcatel has an improving economy, which is mainly supported by woodcrafting, farming and jewelcrafting. The town's biggest strengths are complex crafting and a strong defence. However, it lacks people skilled in trade.

Despite its strengths and weaknesses, Alcatel is most likely headed towards a delightful future under the leadership of Pippa Brown, however this remains to be seen.

Points of interest