Vital statistics
Location  County bin Fart, Pedia
Population  3,186
Theme tune House of the Dead 2 - Chapter 3 - Darkness

Burberry is a large village located near Town bin Fart, Pedia. The vast majority of the population is aged 13-24 and there is a very large chav community located there. It is notorious for spit, cigarette ends and chewing gum on its streets. Crime rates are nearly as high as Lil' Merica. The village is also rather run down looking. There is a street in Burberry known as Ipsum Street, which is so rough that the police often refuse to arrive when there are fights.

All of the village's public toilets are poorly maintained and have rusty locks that keep getting jammed. It is rumoured that five people have died from getting trapped in the toilets due to this.


According to the 2011 census, the village had a population of 3,186 residents. This is slowly decreasing due to residents over 25 years old moving out.

Places of interest