Caleb Mckinnon's Fat Scooter

Caleb McKinnon's Fat Scooter was an electric mobility scooter that Caleb McKinnon used to get around. In the episode The Destruction of Caleb McKinnon's Fat Scooter, it was destroyed by County Genesiscide Council due to their crackdown on obesity. It could reach speeds as high as 80 mph as the engine was illegally modifed and its frame was very strongly constructed to support his weight. Jonathan Beckwith tried to surpass its speed on his bicycle, however he is disappointed that he never succeeded. It is rumoured that the scooter was stolen from Moetown Mobility Scooter Hire and repainted.

Caleb McKinnon can walk, but he used the scooter because of his laziness and his obesity. Edvard Andersson, who had an injured leg at the time, detested this so much he kept tipping the scooter over. As a result of this, Caleb had a tip assist installed by a cheap Finnish company, but it broke under his enormous frame due to its flimsy construction.

Video game appearances

Caleb McKinnon's Fat Scooter is a vehicle for heavy weight class characters in The Bully: Super Kart GP, where it is known as the 'Fat Scooter'.


Statistics of vehicles in The Bully: Super Kart GP are proportioned on a numerical scale, with 1 being the lowest value a certain trait can take, and 20 being the highest. The Fat Scooter is a general all-rounder.

  • Speed - 10
  • Acceleration - 11
  • Weight - 15
  • Handling - 9
  • Drift - 9
  • Boost - 8
  • Off-road - 12
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