Vital statistics
Location  County McGarbage, Homia
Population  9,256
Theme tune Mario Kart 8 - Sweet Sweet Canyon (main town)

Streets of Rage 3 - Random Cross (industrial area)

Candycorn is a town located in County McGarbage, Homia. It has a massive fascination for confectionery, and a large industrial area housing many factories that manufacture sweets and other confectionery products to send to Lil' Merica and Fat Mart supermarket chains. The town is also known for Fat Mart Candycorn which is one of the only shops to sell the widely banned Yummy-Gummy-Super-Duper-Fizzy-Dizzy Fuzzballs. Candycorn has the third highest obesity rate of all settlements in Homia, topped by only Lil' Merica and Pooperwick. Many residents have diabetes, heart disease is prevalent and crime is fairly average.

Once Caleb McKinnon broke into the Candycorn Finest Jelly Factory (now renamed to Fartleys Jelly Factory) and stole fifty packets of Candycorn Finest Jelly Cubes (now called Fartleys Jelly Cubes); he was never caught due to the quick getaway he made on his now destroyed mobility scooter.


Candycorn has a population of 9,256 according to the 2011 census. The town's population is on the rise, due to many sweet lovers, fat people and factory workers moving there.

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Video game appearances

The Bully: Super Kart GP features a track that runs through many of Candycorn's factories. It is the third course in the Tricky Treats Cup.

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