Casper Follet
Vital statistics
Position  Halloween Town High School student
Age  18
Status  Living
Nationality Pedian
Residence  Halloween Town
Personality Unknown
Voice actor Unknown
Theme tune Unknown
Physical attributes
Height  167 cm
Weight  50 kg

Casper Follet (born October 31st 1998) is a girl who formerly attended Colham High School. Her younger brother is Simon Follet. Just like Simon, she didn't get on with the other students as she is a goth. Casper would refuse to get in selfies with the other girls, and was severely bullied - it eventually got so bad Casper and her brother left the school. Casper was known to be one of the most intelligent students at the school, alongside Blair Cameron and Jenny Templeton.

After leaving Colham High School, Casper and her family moved to Homia to live in Halloween Town. She started attending Halloween Town High School - she and her brother often sit at the back of the school smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee imported from Coffeeland while listening to gothic music blaring out of Simon's boom box. Strangely, the school allows this type of behaviour due to the fact they are goths.

It is rumoured that Casper and Simon are the only ones living on Volcanus who regularly speak two extinct East Germanic languages, Gothic and Crimean Gothic.

Video game appearances

Casper makes an appearance as an unlockable racer in the video game The Bully: Super Kart GP. She is a member of the medium weight class and has her own kart known as the Golden Bat.

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