The unofficial flag of Chocthorpe
Vital statistics
Location  County Chocthorpe, Pedia
Population  95,826 (2011 census)
Theme tune Kira Kira Music Night - Network 7

Chocthorpe is a city located in County Chocthorpe, Pedia. It is well known for the Horrid Henty Land theme park, the television channel Smash TV, the Tir na Hot Girls nightclub, and Chocthorpe Events Hall, where fan conventions and special concerts take place. It formerly had a hotel for stupid people called Stupidity Pride, however it went out of business and collapsed from a Volcanusquake in Harry Smith's Reviews. It is also notable for its popular beaches and very long pier, and is the leading coastal city on northern Volcanus. Coco-Coal drinking contests are often held on the pier. There are many transport opportunities there, including a commonly-used ferry route from Chocthorpe to Dalalund.

According to the 2011 census, the city has a population of 95,826. This population has been growing rapidly ever since; as of 2015 the population is estimated to be 106,382. The Pedian Government plan to make the city much larger in the future. Chocthorpe is also notorious for immigration from Sincostan as many houses are being built in the city and it has some of the best resources in all of Pedia. Since the 1980s, several Scandinavian communities have also developed in the city.


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