Vital statistics
Location  County Genesiscide, Pedia
Population  2,459
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Colham is the town where Harry Smith lives with his family, located in County Genesiscide, Pedia. It has a population of 2,459 people according to the 2011 census.

The town is somewhat affluent, but still has a lot of vandals. The nearby villages such as Swotford and Kilallt are more expensive. The town has a friendly rivalry with Farthill, which is a village despite being larger than Colham. The west of Colham is very rural, in contrast to the urbanised remainder of the town. Most of the rural area is the Colham Moors and the Scoton Moors. Districts of the town include Burnton, Prestoland and Eastercolham.

In June 2016, County Genesiscide Council announced plans to expand it into a much larger town, with an estimated population of 55,000 and a large hospital. It is possible it may subsume Kilallt and Swotford. Many residents are complaining about these plans. A train station is also under construction as part of a new train route between Farthill and Scoton; other stops will include Swotford, Kilallt, Dunian and Hellton.


Colham is derived from the Old English cōl hām which translates as "cold/cool home" or "cold/cool settlement".


Colham is well known for Colham High School, which Harry and his brother and classmates attend. Many pupils hate Colham High School, however many people from Scoton and Nerdton, two settlements outwith the school's catchment area, attend it. The town also had its own college which burnt down in October 2015; students now attend Genesiscide College after leaving Colham High School.


The town's local football team is Colham Athletic, which debatably has some of Pedia's best football players, only rivalled by teams in Superfit and Hyperfit.

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