Colham College was a large college located in the town of Colham. Many of its students started attending after graduating from Colham High School. It was generally well run, although it had the downsides of slow Internet, expensive coin-operated printers and overpriced lunches. Chavs often loitered in the car park during the evenings. Its head teacher was Frank Hendrix, and two notable lecturers were George Schunmann and his younger brother Robert Schunmann. The college also banned access to Lohipedia due to students vandalising pages, along with its unreliability; Cameron Cameron was once suspended for getting into a huge argument with George over this. Colham College also blocked most online gaming websites due to students using them instead of getting on with work, however a few people sneaked around this by finding games on Sinco search engines.

Despite its size, there was a small number of students, as the University of Dundundun was more popular. Colham College additionally had very good facilities for foreign students, hence the high percentage of non-Pedians attending. Its main rival college was Genesiscide College, which is more strictly managed.

In October 2015, Colham College burned down when a student named Aarron Rayner sprayed deodrant on a bunsen burner. Due to the college's small student roll there are no plans to rebuild it and all of the students were transferred to Genesiscide College. Nobody died as a result of the incident, however Morten Larsen was seriously injured; he entered the burning building to rescue Edvard Andersson, who Ärnesti Jukanpoika and Maarjo Mägi had trapped in one of the lockers. Its former site has been replaced with Noddy houses and is known as the Morris Estate.

The college's theme tune in The Bully TV series was the main menu theme from The Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norsewest.

October 2015 student roll

Students of foreign descent

Students leaving prior to October 2015

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