Vital statistics
Location County Countington, Pedia
Population 102,412
Theme tune Jaytech - New Vibe

Countington is a city and the county seat of County Countington, Pedia. It has a population of 102,412 as of the 2011 census. Large parts of the city are rather modern, and one of its most notable areas is Neutralside.

Countington was promoted to city status in January 2016. It is overall slightly affluent through a mix of rich and poor. Some streets have become notable for many buskers playing in them; The Angry Demons once performed in Countington and ran off after a passer-by chucked a Pot Noodle at Angus Gibson's face.

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County Countington settlements
Cities Countington
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Villages Balsyth · Pewdstersund · Pooshanbe · Sjöstad · Tajikia
Hamlets Rudmarker