County McGarbage is a county located in northeast Homia. It neighbours County Batpoo, County Bleephead, County Dumbhead and Pedia's County McRubbish, the latter of which it has a rivalry with. Part of an Americophilic region is located within the county, although the Homian Parliament is planning to make this area into its own county called County Lil' Merica. Its county seat is McGarbage.

The island of Barneyzhumi was formerly part of County McGarbage, but then became County Kong Poop after a local referendum for independence from the county in June 2015. County McGarbage's population count was recorded as 711,295 in the 2011 census, however this number is 496,847 with settlements that are now in County Kong Poop excluded from the population count.

In the past, County McGarbage was part of Pedia.

Notable settlements

Settlement Population

(2011 census)

Settlement type
Candycorn 9,256 Town
Chesston 924 Village
Garboton 456 Village
Homian Tradeton 8,316 Town
Lil' Merica 459,268 City
Markipli Village 793 Village
McGarbage 17,834 Town
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