Vital statistics
Location  County Nipponistan, Pedia
Population  1,544
Theme tune Streets of Rage 3 - Crazy Train

Everyonefarts is a village in County Nipponistan, Pedia. The inhabitants of the town have an abnormal obsession with farting; a baked bean factory, a huge burrito takeaway and a Fart Mart superstore located there fuel the habit. Everyonefarts is also twinned with Fartypants, a town located in County Dumbhead, Homia.

Everyonefarts is often named and shamed by scientists for being one of the biggest contributors to global warming in all of Pedia, beaten only by the town of Rustbucket. Like Smellia, disgusting smells waft around the village.

The village's slogan is "Everyone farts, even ladies!"