Fat Mart Colham

Fat Mart Colham

Fat Mart is a supermarket company based in Lil' Merica, Homia that only sells junk food. Superstores also stock products made by Phat Solutions. It was originally available only in the Lil' Merica urban area, but now has branches around most areas of Volcanus.

Fat Mart's food has been described as "amazingly addictive". However, many people hate it for causing obesity and diabetes all over Volcanus. Fat Mart supermarkets also have hireable mobility scooters made by Phat Solutions for customers to drive around the aisles in - Edvard Andersson often tipped these over, leading to him being banned from all of the company's branches. Jack Jackson and Matthew Rice also did this in Fat Mart Colham, though they are banned from this branch only. Chris Easton Chandelier is also banned from all Fat Marts for causing disruption in several stores in and around Dundundun.

The stores are additionally the setting for the video game Fat Scooter USA. The company made a huge profit from featuring their stores in the game, possibly leading to many more branches opening in the near future. Some of this money was however put towards self service tills in the larger supermarkets, though this approach has been branded a 'big mistake' due to the tills playing up on the rare occasion someone can actually be bothered to use them. The chain's Instant-Gammon account has more than 15 million followers, making it the most followed account on the whole site.

As of February 2017, all Fat Mart superstores have indoor roads for mobility scooter drivers due to the rising popularity of the Ultimate Mobility Scooter, and pavements for other shoppers. Many people disapprove of this, with some saying it will not help end Pedia and Homia's obesity crisis. Others feel it is silly to turn a superstore into an "indoor town".


Fat Mart supermarkets are banned in County Superfit, County Hyperfit, County Townton and County Kinlochpoop; all branches situated within the latter two were forced to close in 2008 and 2016 respectively. County Countington and County Genesiscide might also follow suit, though Fat Marts have always been banned in the Liten Sverige region of the former.

Fart Mart

A similarly named company known as Fart Mart is based in Hyperfit. However, this company only has branches in eastern Pedia, and has been deemed a cheap ripoff by those who prefer Fat Mart. It is speculated that this company may go bankrupt soon.


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