Gamerton at night
Vital statistics
Location  County Countington, Pedia
Population  1,986
Theme tune The Legend of Zelda (NES) - Overworld Theme

Gamerton is a town located in County Countington, Pedia. Its entire population (1,986 according to the 2011 census) consists of hardcore gamers, and many of its buildings are arcades and video game shops; there are actually more buildings related to gaming than there are households. Due to its close proximity to Liten Sverige, it also has a lot of Suecophiles, especially in the east, where a few streets officially became part of this region in October 2016. Harry Smith always dreams of living in Gamerton, and planned to go there when he tried to run away from home. It also has a strong resemblance to Minecraft. The town is particularly interested in games from Earth.

Gamerton's arcades are classified as the best in all of Pedia, containing the latest arcade releases while still housing some of the rarest retro machines. They are run so professionally that coin rejection, malfunctions and out-of-order signs are almost a myth. Unlike Colham's Noiseworld Video Arcade and Chocthorpe's Ticket Land Arcade, prizes you can win with tickets in Gamerton's arcades are high quality and aren't overpriced.

Gamerton is split between modern console gamers, retro console gamers, arcade gamers, computer gamers and Eyepad gamers. One of the only beverages drunk there is Mountain Spew. The Northern Lights of Volcanus are occasionally spotted from Gamerton, although many residents are usually too busy gaming to take any notice.

Streets and roads

  • Main Street
  • Pewdstersundvägen (Pewdstersund Road)
  • Nintendo Street
  • Sega Street
  • Capcom Street
  • Microsoft Street
  • Sony Street
  • Konami Street
  • Bungie Street
  • Atari Street
  • Activision Street
  • Namco Street

Points of interest

The shops on all streets apart from the Main Street are entirely video game related.

Video game related


Video game appearances

Gamerton makes an appearance in The Bully RPG: Attack of the Conformists. In the future under Queen Narciss' rule, all of the town's retro aspects are removed and the arcades are filled with rigged prize machines designed to take people's money. Harry Smith is horrified over these changes.


  • Gamerton's population is a reference to the initial release year of The Legend of Zelda, as the overworld theme serves as the town's theme tune.
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