Harry Smith's Date is an episode of The Bully TV series that was first aired in March 2015.

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The episode begins on a Friday night with Harry Smith sitting on his bed, raging about his loneliness. He is lonely due to the fact that he had a big fallout with David Marshall and the other members of The Black Foot Gang. The next minute, he falls asleep and enters a dream.

Harry asks Liam Smith if he can go to Kilallt Swimming Pool. He says yes, as he is glad that he has picked up swimming as a hobby. He then jumps into the RustBucket 2000 and is driven to the swimming pool.

He arrives at the swimming pool and gets changed. To his delight, he sees Pamela Milne and Michelle Milton as lifeguards. With confidence, he walks over to them and starts flirting. They ask him if he wants to date them both. He says yes, and whilst understanding that dating two girls is weird, he is still excited. They go for a swim, and then get changed. Pamela asks them if they want to go to Pizza House in Genesiscide. Harry and Michelle agree, so they get in her car and she drives them.

They arrive at Pizza House after a 10 minute journey. They all decide to order a large pizza for them to share. Whilst they are waiting, Harry hugs and kisses Pamela, followed by Michelle. The pizza then arrives. They all eat the pizza, with Harry eating all of the crusts. Next minute, Harry spots Alan Ross, who has a jealous look on his face. He asks him why he is dating two girls, one of who is the same age as him and one of who is much older than him. Harry tells him that he is just lucky.

Harry and his girls then finish the pizza, and arrive home at Pamela's house in Dunian. They all watch Pretty Big Lions, whilst eating popcorn. After that, they then decide to watch Eyecarrot. An advert comes on during it, and Harry falls asleep.

Harry wakes up, and realizes that it was all just a dream. This gets him even more angry, causing him to smash several glasses.