Harry Smith's Poisonous Government Injection is an episode of The Bully TV series. It was first aired in March 2015.

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The episode starts in Harry Smith's class at Colham High School, where Catriona McMillan explains to the class that they will be having injections tomorrow to comply with the stupid government of Pedia.

Harry gets home from school feeling extremely bored, so he does some research on the injection. He gasps in horror after hearing that this vaccine is in fact toxic to specific people, and is responsible for the death of Steven McMullen.

That night he tries to burn down Colham High School in a desperate attempt to avoid the day of poisoning. However, a dog bounds up to him, peeing on his legs and the pile of old school letters he is holding a match to in the hope of starting a massive blaze. With no matches left, he rages and trudges back to bed.

The terrible time finally dawns. Liam Smith flings Harry into the RustBucket 2000 to drop him off right at the school gates. He pretends to be a pupil in James Smith's class, but Emma Kenn isn't fooled and drags him to the reception outside Jan Vickers' office, where his classmates are trembling.

Christine Peel frets about a mark from the injection stopping her from uploading perfect selfies to Instant-Gammon, while Blair Cameron explains the effects of the toxins they are about to receive. Jan drags William Fraser into her office and poisons him while his tears cause an ankle-deep flood. Mae MacDonald is next in line and doesn't scream because she is drunk, much to Harry's disappointment.

Harry is dragged inside next, but escapes by biting Jan's hand. All the other pupils run away to hide, and Harry can't find any place in the school that is safe from Jan. He discovers three cans of baked beans in the food tech room and formulates a plan; he eats the lot and casually strolls into Jan's office.

Jan soon finds Harry before she gets the poisonous government injection ready. Harry lets off the loudest, stinkiest fart he has ever released - he and Jan become sick from the stench, excusing him from the vaccine.

Later that evening, Kristin McKinnon, Caleb McKinnon's mother, visits Harry at home to pump the toxins into him. He falls ill, and is rushed to Genesiscide Hospital where the poison is thankfully removed from him.