Harry Smith's Swimming Lesson is an episode of The Bully that was first aired in March 2015.

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The episode begins on a Saturday morning with Harry Smith watching Super Baseball Failures on TV. Grace Smith comes in and tells him that she has decided to take him to swimming lessons due to his poor swimming skills. Harry rages about this.

Whilst Harry is getting changed, Grace comes upstairs and tells him to hurry up, so he hurries up when he realises that Pamela Milne may be there.

Liam Smith throws him into the RustBucket 2000 and starts driving him to the swimming pool. He gets out of the car, excited to see Pamela. So he gets changed into his swimming trunks. When he is ready, he looks around to see if he can see her. No sign of her. So he rages, refusing to go into the swimming pool. Dan Nelson, the swimming teacher repeatedly shouts at him for not going in. Harry laughs, so then Dan gets so mad he kicks him hard enough for him to fly into the pool, making a big splash.

Harry looks around and realises that he is in with 7 year olds who attend Colham Primary School and Kilallt Primary School. This causes him to get even more frustrated. The first part of the lesson is to do a backstroke. Harry tells Dan that he has a neck problem, so then he says that if he makes up any more excuses, he will tell his parents and will also tell Pamela not to return.

Whilst feeling outraged, he does the backstroke. He comes up with a way to escape - ask Dan if he can go to the toilet. So then he asks Dan, who allows him to if he is quick enough. When no one is looking, he gets his clothes out of his locker, escapes to the toilet and gets changed. Once he is changed, he makes a run for it. Liam, who is waiting in the car park, is confused as to why he has came out early. Harry lies to him that Dan felt he was too good for his lessons.

Next minute, when Liam is driving, Harry notices Dan running in pain with the kids laughing behind him. Harry gets out of the car and asks them what happened. He finds out that one of them kicked him in the stomach very badly. Harry walks back to the RustBucket 2000 and is driven home.

An hour later, Dan appears at the door, telling Liam and Grace what happened. Grace then bans him from playing Hot Bird on her Eyephone for a month.


  • This is the second episode to be based on Horrid Henry Goes Swimming, although this time more loosely.