Harry Smith and his Bucket Full of Sick is an episode of The Bully that was first aired in March 2015.

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The episode begins with Harry Smith having dinner with his family at Italia World, a restaurant in the Italophilic town of Italowick. The family arrive home, with Harry having a mildly sour stomach. He then falls asleep early. What he doesn't realise is that he actually has food poisoning.

The next morning, he falls unwell. Grace Smith comes into his room and asks him if he is okay. He tells her that he is feeling queasy, but is still in the mood for going to Noiseworld Video Arcade. Grace informs him that if he is feeling unwell, he should stay in bed. She leaves the room to get a bucket. Harry sits on his bed raging, annoyed that he can't go to the arcade. Two minutes later, she arrives with the bucket. Harry then comes up with a great idea.

His idea is to fill the bucket up with sick, and then pour it all over Mae MacDonald's head. So he is sick several times into the bucket. He then unexpectedly falls back to sleep.

Five hours later, he wakes up, not realizing the time. He is feeling better, so he walks to the arcade with his bucket of sick. He tells people that it is a bucket full of toy dinosaurs. When he arrives, he spots Morten Larsen. He asks him if he can fish out some pikes for him to put in his bucket. Morten willingly does so, and gives him the pikes. He then spots Mae, and instantly informs Harry. So then they pour the bucket all over her. She screams so loud that Harry and Morten faint.

Later on, they are arrested for this action. Grace is also confused, as she did not realise that Harry had recovered.


  • The title is a play on the real life TV series, Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs.