Harry Smith and the Computers Filled with Sick is an episode of The Bully TV series that was first aired in March 2015.

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Harry Smith wakes up in the classroom at Colham High School during a boring Math lesson. During his daydream, he came up with a plan to bin all of the school's old Macrohard Doors 98 computers, which are riddled with viruses, low-quality JPEGs of pop stars and remnants of some hacking done by Edvard Andersson before his graduation. He then tells David Marshall about his plan, who agrees to help.

Lunchtime rolls around, starting off with Harry and his friends having lunch. Afterwards, Caleb McKinnon and Jordan Sanderson walk away. Harry and David immediately go to the Math department and collect their bags to put in their next class.

They then return to the Math department. Harry collects the computers on the left hand side, whilst David grabs the computers on the right hand side. When Harry puts the first computer in the bin, it explodes sick. Harry is disgusted and screams, dropping the rest of the computers into the bin. David bins the other computers with no problem, as he tells him that it has happened before. However he states that he is still confused as to why the computers are filled with sick.

The two boys escape from the Math department. When Harry looks back, he sees Robert Sullivan chasing them, so then they decide to lock themselves in the toilets. However, Robert comes in and breaks down the toilet doors with an axe. Initially, he decides to give them referrals but then they explain what has happened. He then changes his mind, as he was actually planning on binning them himself. The two boys land themselves with merits.

The next day, Samuel Davidson is arrested for replacing the computers with sick-filled replicas. Robert then goes inside his house and takes the computers back to the school. After many complaints from pupils, he decides to replace the computers with new ones running Macrohard Doors 8.1.