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Headbook's logo from 2003 - 2012

Headbook is a social networking service that allows people to connect and share useless information with each other. Harry Smith hates Headbook because it is full of conformists, trolls, Volcanusic League Gaming fans, people competing for the most friends and people blocking other users for no reason, in addition to many extremely dumb posts and user status updates. Another reason is Headbook's redesign in 2012 that caused the site to be so difficult to use it was actually painful. He now only goes on the network to post unfunny jokes, to insult people and to say how much it sucks. Jean Petit additionally uses Headbook to befriend people so he can come to their houses and steal things.

The Book of Heads 1998-99

The Book of Heads logo, used from 1998-1999

It was originally called "The Book of Heads" when it was created in 1998, and was renamed to Headbook in 2003. Headbook's current interface that was implemented in 2012 looks similar to Facebook's, but it was changed to light green from dark blue. This outraged users, with one notoriously starting a petition to get the site's appearance changed back. Despite its massive support the 2012 design was kept, and it is still used now with no plans for a further redesign.

Many users are starting to switch to Headbook's rival networks for extra selfie sharing and because their Headbook accounts got hacked by people like Greg MacInesker and Edvard Andersson. These alternative sites include Tatter, Stinkstagram, Instant-Gammon, Gargle Plus, Tumbldryr and the dying MyPace. As of December 2016, the site is rapidly losing users, with only 1.9 million active accounts remaining compared to 80 million in 2010.