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Horrid Henty is a comic book series created by Adam Morton and first published in 1997. It is about a boy who is so disobedient that he is wanted by the government. The comics became so popular that an animated TV series airing on Smash TV since 1998 was made, as well as Horrid Henty Land, a theme park in Chocthorpe dedicated to its fans. A movie known as Horrid Henty: All at Sea was also created and shown in cinemas around Volcanus. In 2016 a short was made called Storm Henty.

Harry Smith, David Marshall and their friends are known to be huge fans of the series. This is much to the disapproval of James Smith, who dislikes the show and squeals to watch Fancy Hippos instead. Grace Smith and Liam Smith also appear to dislike the fact Harry enjoys the series, although the latter is secretly a fan of it.



  • Horrid Henty - A teenage boy who is wanted by the government for his abnormally bad behaviour.
  • Horror Henry - Horrid Henty's best friend and partner in crime. He is an evil genius who has created many weapons of mass destruction.
  • Horrid Hentina - Horrid Henty's younger sister. She is an expert of mischief and is also wanted by the government.
  • Cute Ralph - Horrid Henty's second best friend. He is considered cute by many, but is unpopular. He is very proficient in programming, and often writes programs for Henty to use.
  • Perfect Henry - Horror Henry's younger brother. He is a goody two shoes who is campaigning on the people above to get arrested.
  • Horry Henry - Horrid Henty's cousin. He is also mischievous, but does not get on with Horrid Henty.
  • Perplexed Peter - Horror Henry's cousin. He is a goody two shoes and will obey every rule. He has no defence whatsoever.
  • Moddy Margrut - Horrid Henty's next door neighbour and arch enemy.
  • Mr Warblade - Horrid Henty's teacher. He is very grumpy and strict, and cannot put up with Horrid Henty's terrible behaviour.
  • Brainhole - An evil scientist who has hated Horrid Henty ever since he stole many supplies from his lab.
  • Mobile Suit Henty - A giant mecha built and programmed by Brainhole to destroy Horrid Henty. After many failed attempts to kill him, Ralph reprograms him to be Henty's bodyguard.


  • Horrid Henty is a parody of Horrid Henry, with the characters having similar names to their counterparts.
  • Horrid Henty originated from a user's misspelling of Horrid Henry, and a Horrid Henry hater used this spelling for vandalism on the Horrid Henry Wiki.
  • Horrid Henty figures appear as good presents in the Switch the Labels! easter egg on The Bully Christmas Banter.