James Smith's Headbook Friend is an episode of The Bully TV series. It was first aired in March 2015.

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James Smith has made a new friend on the social network Headbook. He is known as Jean Petit, a French boy who lives in the Francophilic town La Petite France. James has invited him to come for a sleepover. Harry Smith suggests that they should all go to Tir na Hot Girls. But Grace Smith suggests that Harry, James and Jean should work together to clean the house. Jean thinks this is a perfect idea and grabs a huge handful of Harry's sweets.

Harry is forced to vacuum the living room while Jean sits on the sofa and reads one of Harry's Horrid Henty books. Harry tells him to stop reading the book, or he will send him to Cherylnobyl. James asks him why he is not helping. Jean lies that he was very upset about his mother's death and that cleaning wouldn't help. Harry then tries to suck Jean up with the vacuum cleaner but the bag explodes, covering the trio in dust. Harry then gets really angry so he decides to give Jean two years out-of-date lemonade. He hands it to him but he gives it to Grace. She drinks the lemonade and vomits all over the carpet. Harry gets into even more trouble and is pressured to carry a huge pile of clothes up to the bathroom.

When he reaches the top of the stairs, Jean drops a banana peel, causing Harry to drop all of the clothes; he is now extremely frustrated and as a result punches him five times.

James then notices that some of his No-Gnomes have disappeared before he spots a gnome hat sticking out between the zip on Jean's bag. Harry and James then confront him, causing him to confess that he only befriends people so he can steal things from them, such as video games, money and No-Gnomes. When he is about to make his escape, Grace catches him in the act. She phones up the police who arrive at the door and arrest Jean. The police then phone his parents.

She decides that no more Headbook friends will be coming round to stay. Harry cheers but then James finds a new friend called Ralf Blücher. Grace reminds him that he will not be allowed to invite him round.