Jean Petit
Vital statistics
Position  La Petite France High School student
Age  15
Status  Living
Nationality French
Residence La Petite France
Personality Unknown
Voice actor Unknown
Theme tune Cooking Mama: Cook Off - French
Physical attributes
Height  162 cm
Weight  50 kg

Jean Petit (born March 11th 2002) is a French boy who lives in the Francophilic town La Petite France. He attends La Petite France High School. Although Jean appears innocent at first glance, he is very mischievous and best known for befriending people on Headbook before visiting their houses to cause trouble and steal things; his favourite items to take are money, video games, sweets and strangely No-Gnomes. Harry Smith and James Smith almost became his latest victims in the episode James Smith's Headbook Friend.

Jean reappears in Harry Smith's Bus Journey of Doom; he steals Harry's PPIAA-001 replica and Horrid Henty plush, though he is later forced to give them back.



Jean lives with his mother Halle Petit. His father was Adrien Petit, though he was jailed for life for setting fire to his childhood bully Armand Dubois' house and died in Hyperfit Prison.


Season 1