Jordan Sanderson
Jordan Sanderson
Jordan's current appearance
Vital statistics
Position  Peeside High School student
Age  16
Status  Living, mentally disabled
Nationality Pedian
Residence Genesiscide
Personality Unknown
Voice actor Brian Williamson
Theme tune Heaven's Lost Property Forte - Baka! Baka!
Physical attributes
Height  186 cm
Weight  110 kg

Jordan Sanderson (born December 2nd 2000) is a fifth year student who attends Peeside High School as a member of the Farthead house. He is a large, extremely unintelligent boy with low functioning autism who can only say "I dunno" even if he is asked the most simple questions. The only times he has had other lines were in Harry Smith Gets Rich Quick, where he said "You got any weed?", Harry Smith Sells the School where he said "Robert här pålar!" and briefly spoke Arabic, Christine Peel Excites Boys where he shouted "SHE'S HOT!" when David Marshall asked for his thoughts on Christine Peel wearing a bikini, and Happy Birthday, Tomoko Kobayashi! where he yelled "YOU LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE!" to Duke Gedney. It is rumoured he only often says "I dunno" due to him actually being shy.

Jordan previously attended Colham High School before it was destroyed in Harry Smith and the Disastrous Biology Lesson. He was transferred to Genesiscide Special Needs School in the episode Harry Smith in Sincostan: Part I due to his low intelligence and his diagnosis of autism, though he returned to Colham High School in Harry Smith's Extreme Water Fight.

Jordan smells of BO and is ranked at the bottom spot (number 10) in the current Girls Popularity Scale. He also does huge farts in class; once he let out a fart so stinky everyone (even Catriona McMillan) but him had to leave the classroom for a minute. The smelly jet of methane left David impressed yet jealous. Despite incidents like this happening, Jordan rarely causes trouble in school. Everybody once laughed at him for dressing up as a pink cardboard robot in a Halloween disco; his costume had many holes in it by the end of the disco. More recently he has dressed in black which, according to David, goes well with the hole in his brain.

Jordan is additionally notable for an event in Happy Birthday, Tomoko Kobayashi!; when Duke Gedney attempted to enslave him and his friends, Jordan became enraged and tossed him out of his castle window and into a swamp. Duke gave up ruling Doonatel and was jailed for life as a result of this.

In episodes aired from August 1st 2015 onwards, Jordan has become fatter.

In The Bully TV series he is voiced by Brian Williamson, who is also Caleb McKinnon, Daniel May and Claymore Cameron's voice actor.



Jordan's younger sister is named Anna Sanderson. Jordan's father is Jack Sanderson, who worked for Colham Coach Service as a bus driver and crashed buses several times. After being hypnotised and crashing a bus into Colham High School's home economics classroom in Harry Smith and the Disastrous Home Economics Lesson, Jack was sent to mental hospital, leading to Jordan and Anna being adopted by a foster care home in Genesiscide. His mother is Rachel Sanderson; she and Jack divorced in 2005.

Jordan's second cousin is a girl named Amy Trotter, who lives in Farthill.

Other relationships

Jordan was a member of Harry Smith's club The Black Foot Gang - he used to work as a fort sentry along with his best friend Caleb McKinnon. However, he quit with Caleb when Caleb's fat scooter was destroyed. Ever since, both Caleb and Jordan are no longer friends with The Black Foot Gang.

Report card

  • Behaviour - B
  • Maths - F
  • PE - F
  • Smartness - F

Overall grade - D-


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Video game appearances

Jordan appears in the video game The Bully: Super Kart GP as a member of the heavy weight class. He will also be a playable character in another upcoming game called The Bully: Board Race.


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