Joshua Turner
The chase
Keeley Hughes chasing Joshua
Vital statistics
Position Genesiscide Special Needs School student
Age 16
Status Living, socially anxious, fully blind
Nationality Pedian
Residence Nerdton
Personality Unknown
Voice actor Unknown
Theme tune Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 177 cm
Weight 58 kg

Joshua Turner (born December 25th 2000) is a student at Genesiscide Special Needs School. He is one of the most intelligent students in the school, being very mathematically inclined. He lives in Nerdton next door to Edvard Andersson, although his family plan to move to Genesiscide so that he is closer to the school.

Joshua is generally portrayed as a nervous character with social anxiety who is fearful of many things, which include dirty toilets, unfamiliar students and poisonous government injections. These phobias often take control of Joshua's thoughts and he performs rebellious activities, such as skipping school and deceiving others, to escape from his fears as a result. Harry Smith often refers to him as "Gregor McDade's long-lost cousin". He hates westernisation, and has described Lil' Merica as "Hell on Earth". For this reason, he is learning the Pedian language at home to preserve the original culture of Pedia. He also gets annoyed by football hype.

He formerly attended Colham High School, however in Harry Smith and the Solar Eclipse, David Marshall permanently blinded him. In early June 2015 he was sent to Genesiscide Special Needs School because of this. It is unknown why he was sent in June and not August; June is the month in which school finishes up for 7 weeks. He is annoyed about the fact that he needs special help at mathematics. He also has a guide dog called Hideki.

Joshua is overall considered attractive by the girls at Colham High School as he was ranked at number 5 in the original Girls Popularity Scale.


Joshua lives with his father Bill Turner. Due to his shy behaviour around new pupils, Joshua has only formed a small group of friends, although the connections he has made with these people are very close. The strongest bond is shown between him and Blair Cameron. He is also extremely frightened of Keeley Hughes who had a massive crush on him before she moved on to Isaac Hockridge, and Samuel Davidson who bullied him for his slight frame until he was sent to Dundundun Prison and died of a heart attack in February 2017.

Joshua was spotted with Emma Warren on several occasions, causing many to initially believed they were dating. Blair eventually figured out it was just a friendship, due to the way they were acting together.

The only friend that he has at Genesiscide Special Needs School is Anna Graham. He is annoyed about Jordan Sanderson being transferred to his school.