Vital statistics
Location County Kinlochpoop, Pedia
Population 11,492
Theme tune Unknown

Kinlochpoop is an affluent town in County Kinlochpoop, Pedia. It is known for its Loch Poop Jacuzzi, a Jacuzzi in Loch Poop that Harry Smith always begs to visit. It is also known for the Video Game Factory of Western Pedia, which is one of the largest video game factories in Pedia. The town had a Fat Mart supermarket on the outskirts before it was closed in January 2016.

Harry's aunt Beatrice Ruby and his cousin Steve Ruby both live in a mansion in Kinlochpoop. The town also has no chavs and very few neds.

In August 1987, Roland Hitler was the perpetrator of a massacre in the town centre of Kinlochpoop, leading to 18 people being killed. He attempted suicide, however police quickly confiscated his gun, tied him up and arrested him. As a result, he is in Dundundun Prison for life, never to set foot outside again. Since the 2010s, he has started to feel remorse over killing the people.

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