Moetown Chinatown
Moetown Chinatown
Vital statistics
Location  County Kinlochpoop, Pedia
Population  6,691
Theme tune Rockman 8 - Electrical Communication

Moetown is a small yet busy town located in County Kinlochpoop, Pedia. The town neighbours Hentaiville. It is notorious for obese people, weeaboos/Japanophiles, Far Eastern people and Sinophiles. Many of the households in the town centre consist of large tenements and shops, causing this part of Moetown to look like a city.

The accent in Moetown and surrounding area is like a Pedian accent, but with strong Japanese and Chinese influence.



According to the 2011 census, the town has a population of 6,691. It also has an extremely high Mongoloid population, with 99% of residents being Mongoloid. However, it can be noted that many of these people have changed from Caucasoid to Mongoloid deliberately.

Ethnic groups

  • Japanese - 51%
  • Chinese - 24%
  • Korean - 17%
  • Other Far Eastern ethnic groups - 7%
  • Other ethnic groups - 1%

Points of interest


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