Natalie Skelly
Natalie Skelly at the beach
Natalie Skelly at the beach in The Qaeda in October 2014
Vital statistics
Position Peeside High School student
Age 17
Status Living
Nationality Pedian
Residence Hungria
Personality Mean, sly, naughty
Voice actor Unknown
Theme tune Yoshi's Woolly World - Vs Miss Cluck the Insincere
Physical attributes
Height 171 cm
Weight 63 kg

Natalie Skelly (born July 27th 2000) is a fifth year student who attends Peeside High School as a member of the Farthead house. She is disliked by many of the boys due to her mean personality. However many of them secretly fancy her, as once Harry Smith told David Marshall in secret that "Natalie is annoying, but she's very hot and fit" with David agreeing. Her nasty ways were mostly revealed in the episode Natalie Skelly Gets Suspended, in which she tried to get Harry into trouble - this backfired when other students figured out her plan, leading to her being suspended for a week.

Overall Natalie is extremely smart, though she puts these abilities to bad use most of the time. She is very good at maths and her physical abilities are amongst the best in 5F.

In episodes aired from August 1st 2015 onwards, she has grown a little and her breast size has increased. The latter has caused boys to be even more attracted to her.


Natalie's best friends are Natasha Sagdiyev, Freya Clifton and Robyn MacDonald. Her other friends are Mae MacDonald, Louisa McIntyre, Christine Peel, Gail Webster and Hannah Johnston, as well as many other mean girls. She has been a member of The Confidential Cuties Club; she started her work as a fort guard after Emma Warren left in 2012. Natalie's younger sister is Ellie Skelly who is known for farting at random people on the street and using Natalie's lipsticks as crayons, and she has an older sister called Annabel Skelly who also goes to Peeside High School.

Natalie is deemed very attractive, as she is placed at number 1 on the current version of the Boys Popularity Scale. Jamie Wallace dated her from December 2013 to March 2014. Natasha's younger brother Afon Sagdiyev flirts with her sometimes.

School exams

Natalie is taking Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education, Business Studies, Geography, Performing Arts and Spanish for her PQA school leavers' exams. She is predicted the following grades:

  • Biology - B
  • Business Studies - A
  • Chemistry - B
  • Geography - B
  • English - A
  • Mathematics - A
  • Performing Arts - C
  • Physical Education - A
  • Physics - A
  • Spanish - A

Overall grade - B+

Video game appearances

Natalie makes an appearance as a playable middleweight fighter in The Bully: Wrestling Match.


  • Natalie was originally named Nacelle Skelly, but Peter Donald changed it when he was informed "Nacelle" is a very uncommon name.