Vital statistics
Location  County Genesiscide, Pedia
Population  602
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Nerdton is a village in County Genesiscide, Pedia that neighbours the larger village Morepets. Many nerds in County Genesiscide live there due to its facilities, including one of the biggest libraries in the country. Jenson Hamilton was born there, along with his Hawaiian best friend Hiwahiwa Ulani.

The village's schools are Nerdton Primary School and Nerdton High School. The latter is small and usually oversubscribed, so many pupils instead go to Morepets High School or Colham High School despite Nerdton being outwith those schools' catchment areas. To many of the residents' anger, County Genesiscide Council once planned to shut down Nerdton High School and send its pupils to the nearer Morepets High School, however this was eventually scrapped.

Nerdton had a population of 602 according to the 2011 census. Approximately 75% of the village's residents are short sighted, and it is predicted that practically every Nerdton resident will have vision problems by 2020.

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