The PPIAA-001 (commonly nicknamed "Doom") is a shotgun designed by a mysterious Chinese man named B. Chan who initially designed it for use in civil protection, though it is mainly used for hunting, recreational sports and civil warfare.

This triple barreled shotgun is considered by Harry Smith a beauty and is his favourite weapon. It is a high-power, high-efficiency weapon. It is legal in some counties of Pedia. It has become illegal in County Genesiscide (the county that Harry Smith lives in) ever since Harry Smith attempted to shoot the local MP, Reuben Wellington.


The length of the weapon is 1065mm and has a barrel length of 889mm. The weapon weighs 2.4kg. The caliber used in this weapon is a 16 gauge and uses a break-action firing mechanism. The ammo used most commonly are shotshells, but it also takes flechette, flares and grenade. It also comes with a folding stock, but a straight English stock and a Monte Carlo stock are also available.

The stock is made out of an expensive wood, though a few versions have it made of metal or plastic instead. Harry Smith had both versions of the PPIAA-001 before they were confiscated from him.

There are expensive decorations on the stock, but marble decorations or leather decorations are available as well.

Video game appearances

The PPIAA-001 appears as a purchasable weapon in The Bully RPG: Attack of the Conformists. It is the most powerful ranged weapon in the game, so it becomes available when the player reaches level 25 and is very expensive to buy.