Pewdstersund Village
Vital statistics
Location  County Countington, Pedia
Population  1,193
Theme tune DJ Fortify - PewDiePie Song (usual theme tune)

Minecraft - Sweden (night theme tune)

Pewdstersund is a village in County Countington, Pedia. It is located in the Suecophilic region Liten Sverige near the small town of Gamerton. Much like Gamerton, it is home to many let's players and pro gamers, however the village has many more Eyepad gamers. Nearly every resident owns a Valve car. It is also known for the Pewdstersund Vikings, one of the most successful ice hockey teams on Volcanus. The Pewdstersund Goat, which is made of straw, is annually erected in the village for Christmas, though vandals burn it down almost every year.

Built in 1900, Pewdstersund was named after PewDiePie and the Swedish city Östersund. The village is overall slightly affluent, with houses ranging from large mansions to small council houses. There is a hamlet called Rudmarker located on the outskirts of Pewdstersund. The Northern Lights of Volcanus can be observed from Pewdstersund sometimes. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Pedia was observed in the town, which was -38 degrees Celsius on January 2nd 2017.

Pewdstersund is home to the female synthpop band The Svenska Angels. Edvard Andersson and his family also lived in Pewdstersund for a few years before they moved to Swotford and subsequently Nerdton in 2004. They moved away due to the amount of bullying Edvard received at school for his intelligence, short sightedness and poor physical abilities.


According to the 2011 census, the village had a population of 1,193. Approximately half of the population is of Swedish descent while the rest of Pewdstersund's inhabitants are mostly Sweeaboos and Suecophiles.

Pewdstersund's population is rapidly increasing; the village was estimated to have 3,711 residents in November 2016.

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Video game appearances

Pewdstersund appears in The Bully RPG: Attack of the Conformists. In the future, it has been reduced to ruins along with every other philic settlement on Volcanus - Queen Narciss organised this devastation. Edvard Andersson's future version lives in a secret hideaway located there to avoid being captured and killed by Queen Narciss' conformist army.


  • Despite being partially named after PewDiePie, the village already had that name prior to 2010. Fans have suggested the possibility that the village's founder travelled deep into the future.
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