Flag of Sincostan

The flag of Sincostan

Sincostan is a country in the southern hemisphere of the planet Volcanus. The country is situated on several different islands. The capital is Chakakun, a famous holiday resort. Its official language is Sinco, a daughter language of Old Barneytilian which was introduced to Sincostan by Pedo-Homian immigrants in the 10th century. On Barneykaru, the country borders with a remote part of Pedia's County Daikiraidesu.

While many urban areas are rich, the country overall is considered a developing country, due to many poor areas and poverty. The life expectancy is much lower than developed countries such as Pedia and Homia. The country's currency is the saji, which is less valuable than the pound used in other countries on Volcanus.

As of 2017, some areas of Sincostan are becoming slightly westernised. The country is also notable for many people dying there while taking selfies in dangerous locations, such as cliffs and train tracks. In 2016, more selfie deaths occurred in Sincostan than every other country on Volcanus combined.


The native people of Sincostan somewhat resemble a mix of Mongoloids and Negroids. Many people in Sincostan have tribal heritage, since many tribes were agglomerated by the king of Sincostan.

Sinco people originate from Earth like all humans on Volcanus, though they have lived on Volcanusic soil for 150,000 years. It is unknown how they ended up on Volcanus, though scientists believe an alien may have visited Earth and created a wormhole in Africa, leading to around 2,500 people being warped to Volcanus.


Sincostan is notorious for being the only country on Volcanus where pupils are still treated harshly if misbehaving. Pupils may receive the belt if found to be misbehaving. The country is ruled by the dictator Kila Larevolu who is in charge of everything but will still take some advice from the residents if there are enough complaints about something.

Notoriously, a schoolgirl once made a small spelling mistake in 1987; the teacher then dunked her head in a pot of boiling water. Fortunately, the teacher got arrested for 15 years, and upon release he did not return to being a teacher.

Counties (Jatimis)

The Sinco word for county is 'jatimi'.

Video game appearances

In The Bully RPG: Attack of the Conformists, along with Gamia, Queen Narciss completely westernises the country in 2026 by not only destroying the original architecture but also by forcing everyone to communicate in English SMS language and emoji instead of Sinco. Sincostan is restored to normal when Harry Smith and his friends along with Morten Larsen and his cousins travel to the future via a time machine Blair Cameron built, subsequently overthrowing her.

The north of the country also appears as a track in The Bully: Super Kart GP. This is the fourth and final course in the Poo Cup.